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Modelling Special Educational Needs and Disability demand and costs
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Special educational needs and disability (demand and costs) model in development to be used on MastodonC's Witan city decision-making platform or as a standalone modelling library.

Running the Model

At the top level of the send repo run:

lein run ~/demo/config.edn

where demo is a project dir and config.edn is the input you'd like to use.

├── config.edn
├── data
│   ├── modify-settings.csv
│   ├── need-setting-costs.csv
│   ├── population.csv
│   ├── transitions.csv
│   └── valid-setting-academic-years.csv
└── results-180718
    ├── historic-data.csv
    ├── Output_AY.csv
    ├── Output_AY_Group.csv
    ├── Output_AY_State.csv
    ├── Output_Cost.csv
    ├── Output_Count.csv
    ├── Output_Need.csv
    ├── Output_Setting.csv
    ├── transitions.edn
    └── valid-settings.csv

The config.edn file looks like this

{:file-inputs {:settings-to-change "data/modify-settings.csv" 
               :transition-matrix "data/transitions.csv" 
               :population "data/population.csv"
               :setting-cost "data/need-setting-costs.csv" 
               :valid-setting-academic-years "data/valid-setting-academic-years.csv"}

 :transition-parameters {:filter-transitions-from nil
                         :which-transitions? nil
                         :splice-ncy nil
                         :modify-transition-by 1}

 :run-parameters {:modify-transitions-from nil
                  :random-seed 50
                  :simulations 10
                  :seed-year 2017}

 :output-parameters {:run-report-header true
                     :run-reports true
                     :run-charts false
                     :output-dir "results-180718"}}

Alter this file to change the configuration. Particularly the :output-dir key to save new runs in a different location.

To make life easier for yourself you can add this to your .bashrc customise the location of repo appropriately.

export SEND_REPO=$HOME/src/github/mastodonc/witan.send/
sendl () {
    pushd $SEND_REPO
    lein run ${_PWD}/$1

Then to execute, change to a project dir and run.

$ cd ~/src/github/mastodonc/witan.sendruns/mastodonc/demo
$ sendl config.edn


You can build a binary of the send model via

lein bin

it will install send into ~/bin so make sure that's in your path. For batch runs this is important as it prevents re-compilation.

The binary is also all that anyone needs to run the model. If you turn off chart generation in the config then this binary should work on all platforms.


To use the REPL to run the model, launch and simply run

(-main "/home/matt/demo/config.edn")

edit the projects config.edn to alter the parameters.

R Dependencies


This is very fragile and will break in the future.

For Ubuntu, get enough of an env that will allow compilation of R packages.

sudo apt install r-base r-cran-ggplot2 libudunits2-dev libcairo2-dev \
                 libcurl4-openssl-dev libv8-3.14-dev libgdal-dev

Force an install of ggforce package from Github master branch.


R via Conda

If the above doesn't work then you may install R via the environment file at the top level of the repo.

conda env create -f environment.yml

You still have to build the github version of ggforce though

conda activate witan.send
Rscript "devtools::install_github('thomasp85/ggforce')"

Make sure you launch your IDE from a shell with the witan.send env activated.


Experiments with different configurations

The multi-configs namespace contains functionality for easily running many different model inputs with minimal effort. You can use any number of parameters available in the config.edn (e.g. file inputs, numerical parameters) and all possible combinations will be created and run automatically. This would be useful, for example, if you wanted to compare model results for many different alternative scenario parameters. Example input for the main run-multi-configs function are given in the NS.


In utils you will find tools for preparing a a valid states file purely from a transitions file and for making comparative plots between total count and cost for alternative runs of the model.


Copyright © 2018 MastodonC Ltd

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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