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Paradox PRT3 serial interface plugin for Domoticz
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Python plugin for Paradox Security PRT3 serial interface module

Key Features

  • Creates 1 switch device per configured zone
  • Creates 2 devices per configured area
    1. 'Arm' selector switch device that tracks/changes the area arming status
    2. 'Alarm' on/off switch that tracks the area in alarm status


Tested on Python version 3.6 & Domoticz version 4.9700 (3.8153 with plugin v1.0).

To install:

  • Go in your Domoticz directory, open the plugins directory.
  • Navigate to the directory using a command line
  • Run: git clone
  • Restart Domoticz.

In the web UI, navigate to the Hardware page. In the hardware dropdown there will be an entry called "Paradox PRT3 serial interface".


To update:

  • Go in your Domoticz directory using a command line and open the plugins directory then the Domoticz-ParadoxPrt3-Plugin directory.
  • Run: git pull
  • Restart Domoticz.


Field Information
Serial Port Dropdown to select the Serial Port the Paradox Prt3 is plugged into
Zone definitions List of the zones you want to get into Domoticz
Area definitions List of the areas you want to get into Domoticz
Pin Code to use to arm/disarm the areas
Debug When true the logging level will be much higher to aid with troubleshooting

Change log

Version Information
1.0 Initial upload version
1.1 Plugin compatibility with Domoticz 4.97 stable update
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