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Good or Bad Images

Angular2 frontend to do training on images.

♫ What is it good for?

(♫ absolutely nothing ♫) A friend asked to make a traning app that would help her train people. So why not practice doing it with her requirement.


Backend: Node with Postgres

Page 1: generic home.

At this level the user should already be loggued-in via Google & Passport (or else).

Page 1.1: Main Test

Algo: Randomize the selection on only img the user never saw. (this is done in Postgres directly) The user will have a 1 images to inspect at the time

  • List of Y criteria/defect to select from.
  • Multiple item can be selected. All required item need to be selected to succede the images. (Ranges??? Optional???)
  • TODO: Each images can have a Wiki/reference link to learn from.
  • The page will have a comment box at the bottom for the user to input comments.
  • When submit it will tell you if it was good or wrong.
  • TODO: If wrong a button will be there to contest the default img value (reason), or simply click "next". Data To Save:
  • Time between open and Submit
  • Good Fail or Failed Good img
  • What was missing in the defect
  • What was extra in the defect
  • Comments on the img.
  • How far from the target the user was?
  • TODO: Was the Decision contested.

Page 2: Analytics Page 3: Master page where we can upload img, add reason + (Target/Range), add link, OR Modify existing img ranges.


Trainee Analytics:

  • Nbr of images checked.
  • Fail rate on Good images
  • Fail rate on Bad images
  • Top 3 problematic decision (added or missing).
  • Average inspection time vs other.
  • Graph of success rate split in 100 img since the start.
  • Calender view of his progress (% success vs NbrPer day D3?)

Trainer Analytics:

  • Success rate on Bad images.
  • Success rate on Good images.
  • Images that is mostly mistaken.
  • Images that were Contested by trainee + All reason listed of all user. --> need username + Text + All missing or extra item.
  • Reason that fail the most.
  • Average time for inspection per user.
  • Total system Good img vs Bad img.
  • Total system Nbr Error 1, 2, 3, 4...
  • Calender view of all user progress (% success vs NbrPer day D3?).


  • Angular2
  • Node backend secured with Passeport.
  • Postgresql
  • D3 for Analytic?


npm install npm test npm run




If they fail a img should the img be re-integrated in the system or never showned?