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Installation :

Build dependencies :

  • git
  • g++
  • make

Dependencies :

  • hidapi or libusb

hidapi vs libusb :

hidapi is a newer implementation but needs more testing.
hidapi is more responsive than libusb (~20ms vs ~150ms).
hidapi seems to not work on CentOS, writing to hidraw is not allowed.
hidapi is recommended but if you encounter a problem on your system, switch to libusb.

Installation using repos :

ArchLinux (aur) :
yay -S g810-led-git # with yay
pacaur -S g810-led-git # with pacaur
trizen -S g810-leg-git # with trizen

Fedora (copr) :
sudo dnf copr enable lkiesow/g810-led # Enable Copr repository
sudo dnf install g810-led

Gentoo :
emerge app-misc/g810-led

Debian (unstable, and 10 or later), Ubuntu 19.04 or later :
apt install g810-led

Solus :
sudo eopkg install g810-led

Installation of dependencies :

ArchLinux :
sudo pacman -S git gcc make hidapi # for hidapi
sudo pacman -S git gcc make libusb # for libusb
Debian :
sudo apt-get install git g++ make libhidapi-dev # for hidapi
sudo apt-get install git g++ make libusb-1.0-0-dev # for libusb
Fedora :
sudo dnf install git make gcc-c++ hidapi-devel # for hidapi
sudo dnf install git make gcc-c++ libusbx-devel # for libusb
Gentoo :
sudo emerge dev-vcs/git dev-libs/hidapi # for hidapi
sudo emerge dev-vcs/git dev-libs/libusb # for libusb

Installation :

git clone
cd g810-led
make bin # for hidapi
make bin LIB=libusb # for libusb
sudo make install

Installation of the library (For developers) :

make lib # for hidapi
make lib LIB=libusb # for libusb
sudo make install-lib to install the libg810-led library.
sudo make install-dev to install the libg810-led library and headers for development.

Update :

Same as install, but your profile and reboot files are preserved.

Uninstall :

sudo make uninstall

Boot profiles :

On boot, the keyboard is set with the udev file /etc/udev/rules.d/g810-led.rules
This file launches the profile stored in /etc/g810-led/profile
To prevent your keyboard flashing 3 times when you reboot use the systemd unit (g810-led-reboot).

Samples can be found in /etc/g810-led/samples.

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