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Simple Python Script to download the main MagPi magazine (Windows, Linux and Mac)
Python Dockerfile
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I took Ben's Script from and knocked up a quick Dockerfile so I could run it on my Synology NAS without worrying about messing up/creating conflicts for python and dependencies.

You can run it with the following docker one-liner (add in the path you want the files downloaded to where it says /YOUR/PATH/HERE )

docker run -it --rm -v /YOUR/PATH/HERE:/downloaded --name magpi-hoard matstace/downloadmagpi


Simple Python Script to download the main MagPi magazine (Windows, Linux and Mac)

Edit the file, change the "output_dir" to the place you want the files stored, then set it running. It'll open the page, check the site for the latest issue, then download all the issues from latest to the first. Anything that's already in the download folder will be skipped. uses a RegEx to search the page for the download links, depending on the URLs in the URL list, it'll get all the types of available PDFs from the Foundation.

Run it each month to get the latest issue. Something for a Cron job :)


Work out why the TODO list is all on one line! (something to do with line breaks..) Better Error handling (some would be good!) Perhaps make it in to a class

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