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Creating a new project


The following section only discuss separate-directory projects.

To start a new project, create a directory separated from the src/ directory of PLANES (your dir may be anywhere on the file system) and create a .m file inside

$ mkdir /home/you/MyPLANESProject/
$ cd /home/you/MyPLANESProject
$ touch MyProject.m

Some other directories will be useful too (such as output for info-files, graphs, FreeFEM programs & data files)

$ mkdir -p out Profiles m m/Materials FF

The files are organised as follows:

  • The root m-file is used to start the experiment (its contents are details hereafter)
  • Each subproject has a m-file in m/ and if needed a EDP (FreeFEM) file in FF/. They are named : <project name>_<num of subproject>_data.m and <project name>_<num of subproject>.m
  • The materials related m-files used for the project are stored in m/Materials/
  • Output (text) files from runs will be sent to out/ and graphs to Profiles/
  • A m/<project name>_<num of subproject>_postprocess.m can be used to define a post-processing routine and it will be trigged after the resolution.


You can consider a project as a global experiment. The next step is therefore to specify the different configurations for the experiment. If one wants for example to test reflection on a porous material set behind a membrane, it may be interesting to try different parameters for the membrane : all the configurations are about the same experiment, thus in the same project dir. Configurations are identified by appending an underscore (_) and a number at the end of m-file and .edp.

.. info:: The ``m/`` and ``m/Materials`` directories are added to the MATLAB/Octave path by PLANES with a higher precedence
    than its internal dirs. The files in those directories can be use to override parts of PLANES at the project level.

Project file

The main file must define some structures, see the example below for more information :

clear all
close all

frequency.nb=5; % number of frequencies (negative : log spaced)

% Information about the output graphs
data_model.profiles.mesh=1; % plot the mesh
data_model.profiles.x=0; % profiles along x/y axis
data_model.profiles.y=0;; % plot a 2D map of the solution
data_model.profiles.custom=0; % custom plots activation
data_model.profiles.custom_plots = {}; % cellarray of strings, scripts stored in m/

% export data ?
data_model.export.reset=0; % delete old files before export

% log level (0 -> 2)
data_model.verbosity = 1;

% DGM related (number of waves of the recontruction basis & initial tilt)

% Fully separated projects

% Call to PLANES
PLANES('Project Name', num_of_subproject, data_model, frequency, name)