SDKs to facilitate the integration of Matchable's API
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Matchable Unity SDK

This is a simple SDK to integrate Matchable API to your Unity game


Unity package

  1. Download the latest SDK release (
  2. Open your Unity project
  3. Import the SDK package into the assets (Assets / Import package / Custom Package / matchable-unity-sdk-v2.0)
  4. Include the SDK in your code with the following statement
include MatchableSDK;

(check the MatchableDemo for examples of usage)


  1. Open your Unity project
  2. Import the package into the assets (Assets / Import package / Custom Package / matchable-unity-demo-sdk-v2.0)
  3. Load the 'Matchable / Demo / MatchableDemo' script into the scene
  4. Configure your Settings (Open Matchable / Edit Settings menu and enter your App Key and Player Id)
  5. Run the scene