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Unified and simplified HTML rendering
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Unified and simplified HTML rendering

Xen HTML provides users the ability to display any HTML-based widget on the Lockscreen and Homescreen of their iOS devices.

Remaining Issues

  • Add proper localisation support throughout the tweak and preferences
  • Work out which feature enhancements should be taken through into v1.0


This project requires iOSOpenDev. Dependant third-party libraries and private headers are included within this repository for portability reasons.

Notes for development

XenHTML.xm is rather horrendous; its got too many headers inline, and all modifications in SpringBoard are contained within the same file. Sorry about that.

Want to help out?

This project needs to be moved over to theos for those without iOSOpenDev, and there's a few enhancements waiting in the Issues tab.


Please create a pull request to this repository if you make any improvements to the tweak; releasing as an update on a seperate repository will cause too much fragmentation!


Licensed under the GPLv2. Note: any widget ran using Xen HTML is not treated as derivative work.

Third Party Libraries

AYVibrantButton is utilised in the Preference bundle.

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