A gravitational simulator written in Python.
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		PyGame Version 0.4

PyPlanets is Free Software!
PyPlanets is a 3D gravitational simulator written in python.

	*Python(Tested in version 2.6)
	*PyGame(Tested in version 1.9)
	*Py3De(Include in the PyPlanets' repository)

How to install:
	*cd directory_where_PyPlanet_is
	*chmod +x ./install.sh
	*sudo ./install.sh
	#And now only run:
	*PyPlanets #Width Heigth - if you want.

	*Arrows => move the camera.
	*T => Create bodies randomly in the screen.
	*C => Clean the screen.
	*P => Pause the simulation. (On/Off)
	*D => Demo situation.
	*Mouse motion + left click => Camera rotation.
	*Mouse motion + right click => Camera distance from center.

	*Mateus Zitelli (zitellimateus@gmail.com)