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Fast 2D pathfinding algorithm based on Points and Neighbours
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City Pathfinding
City Pathfinding.sln


Fast 2D pathfinding algorithm based on Points and Neighbours.


Example program require MonoGame, but the algorithm(in folder CPF) is writting in pure C#. This scripts can work on others game engine, such as Unity.


  1. Add .cs files from CPF folder to your project.
  2. Instantiate Map
Map map = new Map();
  1. Add points and neighbour relations
map.AddPoint(x,y); //Create Point called "P_x_y"

map.AddNeighbour(name1, name2); //Create neighbour relation between name1 and name2 point
//Find script can only move from point to his neighbour
  1. Find path
map.Find(startPoint, endPoint); //Return List<string> contains list of path points


functions throw an exception when point hasn't joined to rest of the map

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