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Native macOS application for downloading subtitles
Swift Objective-C
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Napi is a native macOS application to download and convert subtitles for videos.

Supported Subtitle Formats

There are few, most common subtitle formats Napi supports, which means Napi can correctly recognize that format and convert it to/from other subtitle formats. Currently supported formats are:

Supported Subtitle Providers

Napi currently supports 3 subtitle providers. It can download and convert subtitles from:

Advanced Usage

Command Line

It is possible to run Napi in a background mode. To do so, use -runInBackground argument.

./Napi -runInBackground true

Napi also supports -pathToScan launch argument which is used to find all video files at that path and download subtitles for all of them. To specify desired languages and providers you can use UI preferences pane and/or use defaults.

./Napi -runInBackground true -closeApplicationWhenFinished true -pathToScan /Users/MyUser/Movies/


Here you can see an example of LaunchAgent, which runs Napi to scan Movies folder every 2 hours. It is a good starting point for your own background downloader.


If you need more details about what happens when application is running, you can look at Napi.log file located at ~/Library/Caches/com.mateuszkarwat.Napi/. It's also a good idea to attach that file if you're creating an issue. It will help to find a problem you're facing.

Thank you Asia for your testing contribution to this project.


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