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// Created by Mateusz Karwat on 29/04/2017.
// Copyright © 2017 Mateusz Karwat. All rights reserved.
import AppKit
/// Enum which stores names of all storyboards in a project.
/// This enum allows for easy access and allocation of view controllers
/// and windows.
enum Storyboard: String {
case Main
case Preferences
case Selection
case Progress
extension Storyboard {
/// Controllers in Interface Builder have an optional identifier within the storyboard.
/// That identifier is set from the inspector in Interface Builder.
/// The identifiers are optional, meaning that the developer only has to assign an identifier to a controller
/// if they want to be able to manually invoke this method from code.
func instantiate<C: StoryboardIdentifiable>(_ viewController: C.Type, inBundle bundle: Bundle = .main) -> C {
let vc = NSStoryboard(name: self.rawValue, bundle: bundle)
.instantiateController(withIdentifier: C.storyboardIdentifier) as? C
else {
fatalError("Couldn't instantiate \(C.storyboardIdentifier) from \(self.rawValue)")
return vc
// MARK: - StoryboardIdentifiable
/// Adds `storyboardIdentifier` property to generate a default
/// identifiers based on its type. In other words, if a view controller
/// has `MyViewController` class in Storyboard associated with,
/// it will also have a default identifier equal to "MyViewController".
protocol StoryboardIdentifiable {
static var storyboardIdentifier: String { get }
extension StoryboardIdentifiable {
static var storyboardIdentifier: String {
return String(reflecting: self).components(separatedBy: ".").dropFirst().joined(separator: ".")
// MARK: - Standard Extensions
extension NSViewController: StoryboardIdentifiable { }
extension NSWindowController: StoryboardIdentifiable { }
// MARK: - Enum Support
/// A set of computed properties which allow to create enums as `Storyboard` identifiers.
/// Let's say to created an enum as in extension as following:
/// extension ViewController {
/// enum Segue {
/// case presentDetails
/// }
/// }
/// Now, it's possible to compare `segue.identifier` to `Segue.presentDetails.segueIdentifier`.
/// No `Strings` are required to use it. Auto-generated idenfitier will be `"ViewController.Segue.presentDetails"`.
/// You can use this auto-generated identifier as an identifier in `Storyboard`.
extension StoryboardIdentifiable {
var storyboardIdentifier: String {
return String(reflecting: self).components(separatedBy: ".").dropFirst().joined(separator: ".")
/// Returns `NSUserInterfaceItemIdentifier` created based on `storyboardIdentifier`.
var userInterfaceItemIdentifier: NSUserInterfaceItemIdentifier {
return NSUserInterfaceItemIdentifier(self.storyboardIdentifier)
/// Returns `NSStoryboardSegue.Identifier` created based on `storyboardIdentifier`.
var segueIdentifier: NSStoryboardSegue.Identifier {
return self.storyboardIdentifier