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PhysiCell: an Open Source Physics-Based Cell Simulator for 3-D
Multicellular Systems.

Version: 1.3.0
Release date: 23 February 2018

PhysiCell is a flexible open source framework for building
agent-based multicellular models in 3-D tissue environments.

Reference: A Ghaffarizadeh, R Heiland, SH Friedman,
SM Mumenthaler, and P Macklin, PhysiCell: an Open Source
Physics-Based Cell Simulator for Multicellular Systems,
PLoS Comput. Biol. 14(2): e1005991, 2018.
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005991

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This release introduces two new cell cycle models (G0/G1 ->
S -> G2/M) and (G0/G1 -> S -> G2 -> M), introduces XML-based
configuration files, and allows new user control on how
often and where data are stored.

As usual, the release also contains minor bugfixes and

NOTE: OSX users must now define PHYSICELL_CPP system variable.
See the documentation.

Major new features and changes:

  • implemented new cell cycle models:

    flow_cytometry_cycle_model: G0/G1 -> S -> G2/M
    flow_cytometry_separated_cycle_model: G0/G1 -> S -> G2 -> M

    along with documentation and updated coloring functions

  • The oxygen-based phenotype models now support the new cycle

  • Added XML file parsing for use in settings files.

  • XML configuration file (in ./config/PhysiCell_settings.xml)
    sets data destination (as a subfolder) and save
    frequency. Legacy saves are now off by default.

  • Users can select a different XML file at command line

    ./project_name settings_file.xml

    (Assuming you preserved the structure of the template

  • Updated User_Guide to reflect new XML parsing capabilities.

  • Updated User_Guide to reflect new cell cycle models,
    including reference parameters chosen for consistency with
    the other cycle models.

Minor new features and changes:

  • Added PhysiCell_pugixml.* for easier extraction of parameter
    arguments from XML files

  • Added PhysiCell_settings.* to include parsing of XML parameter
    files, and parameter values stored in a unified data structure.

  • Added parsing of settings file to separately set frequency of
    saving full output (MultiCellDS), SVG outputs, and "legacy"
    outputs from USC era.

  • Added options to specify the folder of saved data.

  • Added option to read the number of OMP threads from a setting file.

  • Added "beta" directory where we will put new features that are still
    undergoing testing

  • Minor updates to the Quickstart guide.

  • Added new function: to display the simulation status:

    void display_simulation_status( std::ostream& os );

    e.g., display_simulation_status( std::cout );

  • writePov() uses a user-specified output folder.

  • log_output() uses a user-specified output folder.

  • added "beta-testing" sample project. Populate it by the rule:
    make beta-testing

  • added flow_cytometry_separated_cycle_model to the PhysiCell constants.

  • added G1pm_phase and G1ps_phase to the PhysiCell constants.

  • Added new coloring function: false_cell_coloring_cytometry

  • added support for the new cytometry cycle models to the oxygen-based
    phenotype model (update_cell_and_death_parameters_O2_based)

  • updated user manual to reflect new cytometry models

  • updated template2D and template3D projects to use to use the
    new cytometry models and coloring schemes. Also reduced to
    1 mm x 1 mm (2D) and 1 mm^3 (3D) for faster demos.

  • removed archives directory

Beta features (not fully supported):

  • XML functions moved from beta to production.


  • Changed instances of uniform_random() (from BioFVM) to
    UniformRandom() (from PhysiCell) so that all calls to the PRNG
    used the same random seed and same PRNG. Thanks, olliemcdonald!

  • Fixed typo in "Dirichlet" in user documentation. Thanks, luissv7!

  • Removed .git directory that was accidentally included in releases

  • Updated PhysiCell_MultiCellDS.cpp
    (add_PhysiCell_cells_to_open_xml_pugi) so that we exit(-1) with a
    meaningful error message if we cannot open a matlab subfile
    for writing.

  • Updated PhysiCell_pathology.cpp (SVG_plot) so that we exit(-1)
    with a meaningful error message if we cannot open an SVG file
    for writing.

Notices for intended changes that may affect backwards compatibility:

  • template_projects folder will be removed

Planned future improvements:

  • Further XML-based simulation setup.

  • read saved simulation states (as MultiCellDS digital snapshots)

  • "mainline" prototype cell attach/detach mechanics as standard models
    (currently in the biorobots and immune examples)

  • integrate SBML-encoded systems of ODEs as custom data and functions
    for molecular-scale modeling

  • create an angiogenesis sample project

  • create a small library of angiogenesis and vascularization codes as
    an optional standard module in ./modules (but not as a core component)