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Not quite as hard as brainfuck


Recently, I've been working with brainfuck quite a lot. And it got me thinking: "Heck, do I really have to type and count 100 '>' signs every time I want to move to some far away cell? Isn't there a quicker way?"

And to be completely honest, I did no research to find out. I took it as my mission to develop a simple solution that could end my suffering.

With that, came BrainCoitus. It is a superset of brainfuck, meaning that every brainfuck code is also valid braincoitus, but it implements a simple rule:

  • Any brainfuck command, with the exception of the loop [ ], can be repeated n times by using the syntax:
    { operation n }
    Where operation is one of + - . , < > and n is a positive integer.


  • You type less code for the same results;
  • The compilation braincoitus -> brainfuck is so quick and lightweight, you won't even notice it;
  • It's currently the middle of the night and I'm bored.


  • Having to translate back to brainfuck? I suppose that could be a downside;
  • It is only useful size-wise to use braincoitus when there are repetitions of 5 or more symbols in a row. That is due to the fact that {+4} and ++++ are both 4 characters long. Below 4, you'd actually be wasting bytes if you chose to use braincoitus' command;
  • I mean, this is my child right here, how could I see any big flaws with it? It's perfect.


While in vanilla brainfuck it might not be smart in a size-wise perspective to simply add a million times to the same cell, in braincoitus this becomes trivial and quite small. Thus, a simple Hello, World! can be as short as 64 bytes long¹:

[ braincoitus code (64 bytes) ]

[ brainfuck compiled (309 bytes) ]

[ Output ]
Hello, World!

[ braincoitus code (51 bytes) ]

[ brainfuck compiled (266 bytes) ]

[ Output ]

Or perhaps you'd prefer a real use case:

yapi.b, by Felix Nawothnig, a program that calculates digits of pi.

[ braincoitus code (554 bytes) ]

[ brainfuck compiled (648 bytes) ]

[ Output ]

¹ This is the best my half-asleep mind could produce, I'm sorry.


🌀 A superset of the brainfuck language designed to make brainfuck programming just a teeny bit less painful




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