Chef Recipies -- For working with Vagrant.
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Chef Recipies -- For working with Vagrant.

A set of Chef recipies that I am using to provision virtual machines with Vagrant for local development. They cut corners, do bad things and for this reason should not be used for production/deployment or any publicly visible servers - however, they could be adapted fairly easily to work well with both.

Please excuse my poor attempt at Ruby. This is my first attempt, suggestions and patches are welcome.

Try It

gem install vagrant

cd to somewhere you want to mame a vagrant project

vagrant init

Replace the VagrantFile contents with vagrant_files/python_postgres in this repo

vagrant up

Hopefully that works. Otherwise, go to for help.

What's on the box?

Currently this is tailored very much towards the tools that I liked to use. However I'd really like to add more functionality and make it generic so pull requests are very welcome.

A few system libraries that I frequently use; ack, vim, git, svn, libxml-dev

Some enforcement of my own personal development rules (pip wont work outside of a virtualenv). However, you will have a virtualenv setup with the name that you set the PROJECT_NAME to in the Vagrantfile.