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Project Executable
UI captura.exe
Command-line captura-cli.exe

We use the CommandLineParser NuGet package.

The console projects uses default settings with a few modifications and does not save settings.

Command-line support is not very stable. Please report any bugs you find.

Why a separate Console app?

There are many issues related to using a WPF application as a console app.

  • WPF applications don't block the console. So, we cannot use it for scenarios like wait till capture is completed.
  • Writing to console does not work by default
  • If AttachConsole is used, the written content interferes with console prompt.
  • And more ...

Command-line parameters for UI version

Argument Description
--reset Reset all Settings
--tray Starts minimized to System Tray
--no-persist Don't Save any changes in Settings
--no-hotkey Don't Register Hotkeys.
--settings Custom settings folder

e.g. Start captura minimized to tray

captura --tray

Implemented Verbs

  • list List available Screens, Windows, Audio Sources, Webcams, etc.
  • start Start a Recording
  • shot Take a ScreenShot
  • ffmpeg
    Allows installation of ffmpeg from command-line.
  • help
    Provides help on using the console app.
  • version
    Prints the version of the console app.
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