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Patches and new features is what makes Cane great. Use the issues section to propose new features or even better, form a Pull Request. Before you do so please take a look at a few guides described below. We try to keep the code and the style in this repository as consistent as possible.

Build a Pull Request

  • Every PR should only include one feature or patch. If you have multiple contributions, make it multiple PRs.
  • Make sure the code is well tested. While you're at it, make sure it's not breaking any existing tests.
  • Proper commit messages and try to keep the commit history clean.
  • Make sure the code is JSHinted. To do this automatically, check out the Development section

Note: If you are proposing a major change, please open an issues before you open the PR so it can be discussed.


Cane uses Grunt to manage the development tasks. Tests are ran by the Karma test runner. To install all the development dependencies run npm install.

To start the Karma server, run grunt in the root of the repository (you can also run npm start if you do not have Grunt installed globally). Then attach all the browsers you want to test by navigating to http://localhost:9876/. The tests will be automatically ran when a file changes.

To run the tests once, simply run npm test in the root of the repository. You must have Chrome and Firefox installed. It will run JSHint on all the files and then launch Chrome and Firefox and run all the tests.

Style guide

The style guide is partly enforced through JSHint.

  • 4 spaces tabs
  • double quotes
  • named functions if possible (function foo() {} over var foo = function() {})


function named(a, b, c) {

call("a", "b");
if (condition) {
    call(function() { });

call({ a: 1, b: 2 });
a = [1, 2, 3];

test = {
    my: "style",
    foo: "bar"