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POC to use anuglar2/ionic2 parts with angular1/ionic1

Implementing a really simple todo app with generator-m-ionic v1.6.0

Step 1: Add the typescript parts

install gulp-tsc, gulp-tslint and tslint module

  $ npm install gulp-tsc gulp-tslint tslint --save-dev

Hint: Make sure you have no global typescript installed, otherwise the global library will maybe not match the gulp task

add core-js

 $ bower install core.js --save

install typings module and typings for ionic, angular, jquery, cordova, angular-ui-router, core-js

  $ npm install -g typings
  $ typings install ionic angular jquery cordova angular-ui-router core-js --save --ambient

add tsconfig.json

add tslint.json (most rules are adopted to work similar as the ESLint rules)

  • See tslint.json here in the root for detailed configuration

Step 2: Modify the watch/build process

changes to gulpfile.js

  jsFiles: ['app/.tmp/**/*.js', '!app/bower_components/**/*.js'], // new .tmp path (sourcemaps wont work otherwise)
  tsFiles: ['app/**/*.ts'],

changes to gulp/injecting.js

var typescript = require('gulp-tsc'); // load gulp-tsc
var fs = require('fs'); // load fs

gulp.task('inject-all', ['compile', // add the compile task to inject-all

$.inject( // app/.tmp/**/*.js files
  gulp.src('app/.tmp/**/*.js') // change the path to the new .tmp path
    ignorePath: '../app/.tmp', // add the ignorePath
    relative: true

// build typescript to tmp
gulp.task('compile', function () { // add the compile task
  var tsconfig = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('./tsconfig.json'));
  return gulp.src(paths.tsFiles)

changes to gulp/watching.js

// watch for changes in ts, ['compile']); // add the watcher for ts files

changes to gulp/building.js

// add the js temp folder to the clean task
return gulp.src(['.tmp', 'app/.tmp', paths.dist + '/*'])

changes to gulp/linting.js

gulp.task('linting', ['eslint', 'tslint', 'jsonlint']); // add tslint task
gulp.task('linting-throw', ['eslint-throw', 'tslint-throw', 'jsonlint-throw']); // add tslint-throw task

// add the new tslint function with the tasks below

// check app and test for tslint errors
var tslint = function (fail) {
  fail = fail || false;
  return function () {
    return gulp.src(paths.tsFiles)
      .pipe($'prose', {emitError: fail}));

gulp.task('tslint', tslint());
gulp.task('tslint-throw', tslint(true));

changes to .gitignore


Step 3: transform existing .js files to .ts

change the file extension from .js to .ts (yes, thats it) to get typing information add the following 'comment' to your files. (beware to check the path, it should match the typings folder in the root)

/// <reference path="../typings/main.d.ts" />

changes to app.ts

/// <reference path="../typings/main.d.ts" />
'use strict';
angular.module('ToDo', [

changes to main.ts

/// <reference path="../../typings/main.d.ts" />
'use strict';

class Routes {
  constructor (
    private $stateProvider: angular.ui.IStateProvider,
    private $urlRouterProvider: angular.ui.IUrlRouterProvider
  ) {
    // ROUTING with ui.router

    // this state is placed in the <ion-nav-view> in the index.html
    .state('main', {
      url: '/main',
      template: '<ion-view view-title="main"></ion-view>',
      // templateUrl: 'main/templates/<someTemplate>.html',
      // controller: 'SomeCtrl as ctrl'

angular.module('main', [])
.config(($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) =>
  new Routes($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider));

Step 4: Implement the app (see sourcecode)


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