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Welcome to Mathics-Django

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This is the Django front-end to Mathics3.

  • Extensive online documentation
  • Integrated graphics, via three.js, and MathML mathematics output
  • Notebook-like sessions

Note: in the future we intend to also proved a Jupyter-like interface.

mathicsserver: a Django-based Web interface


This package needs a working Mathics3, the core engine, installed as well as a recent version of Django. For Django, you will need mysql or mariadb installed, since that is where worksheets are stored.

See the Installing Mathics for instructions on installing Mathics3.

If you are a novice at installing Python packages, consider using either a pre-built OS package if available under "Packaging status" above, or the mathics docker image.

Ubuntu/Debian Specific OS dependent packages

On Ubuntu or Debian:

apt install default-libmysqlclient-dev.

Install from PyPI

Once Mathics3 is installed, run:

pip install Mathics-Django

Install from Github source

From the place root directory that github was checked out:

make install

This is a Django project, so Dango's script used.

A simple way to start Mathics Django when GNU make is installed (which is the case on most POSIX systems):

make runserver

Underneath this runs the Python program in mathics_django directory.

To get a list of the available commands, type python mathics_django/ help. To get help on a specific command give that command at the end. For example two commands that are useful are the runserver and testserver commands. python mathics_django/ help runserver will show options in running the Django server.

Once the server is started you will see a URL listed that lookss like this:

Starting development server at
Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

Point your browser to the URL listed above. Here it is

Environment Variables

There are two special environment variables of note which controls where the Mathics database is located. This database is saves authentication and worksheet information.

By default the database used is DATADIR + mathics.sqlite where DATADIR is under AppData/Python/Mathics/ for MS-Windows and ~/.local/var/mathics/ for all others. If you want to specify your own database file set environment variable MATHICS_DJANGO_DB_PATH.

If you just want to set the mathics.sqlite portion, you can use the environment variable MATHICS_DJANGO_DB.

Information for the online-documentation comes from one of two places, DOC_USER_HTML_DATA_PATH if that exists and DOC_SYSTEM_HTML_DATA_PATH as fallback if that doesn't exist. The latter is created when the package is built. The former allows for the user or developer to update this information. In the future it will take into account plugins that have been added.

Please feel encouraged to contribute to Mathics3! Create your own fork, make the desired changes, commit, and make a pull request.

Mathics-Django is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3 (GPL3).