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You dig Scheme. The world is coded in C. You get both.
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You love Scheme

You understand that simplicity is beautiful, and that Scheme
is the very essence of what it means to write software.

But somehow committing to an uncommon language appears risky.
Hard to guarantee the ecosystem will provide a library for all your
needs down the road. Oh dang, there is no YAML parser...

We fought with this dilemma, and this project is our answer to it.

It is simple really

First you pick the Scheme implementation you like the most,
Chicken Scheme of course. Then you notice it provides an amazing
foreign interface to call C libraries. And boom it clicks.

We will use the Chicken compiler and get the language we want.
And we will write simple interfaces to the best C libraries,
making them feel all Schemy.

The language we love, every library we could ever need.

Many batteries included

We run a commercial web application based on this project.
Every library we needed is included here. That covers a broad base.

  • base64
  • configuration files
  • crypto
  • emails
  • fastcgi integration
  • http handling
  • image processing
  • json parsing and formatting
  • pdf reports
  • regular expressions
  • sqlite
  • unicode

Getting started

We provide simple commands to install the required dependencies.
Simply click on your OS of choice in the following list.

Once this is done, you can run the following commands.
And there you are with a fully operational Scheme environment.

$ git clone Schemings

$ cd Schemings
$ make
$ ./main

Hello World

Handy documentation

No worries, you are not left alone in the dark. Every
interface is fully documented, and it provides minimal
and stand-alone examples.

Simply copy one inside source/main.scm,
and do the make dance.

$ make
$ ./main

Result from the chosen example.

The complete documentation can be accessed here.

Is this code any good

We think it is. The Scheme code has type annotations all over.
The C code compiles without warnings, and valgrind appears
to be happy with our memory management.

Plus our commercial web application is now close to
one year without runtime errors.

But wait there is more

So we have all the pieces, but how will they be assembled?
If you peek at our solution, we won't tell.

The following abstractions are what we used,
and we defined some macros to simplify their usage.

  • tables
  • requests
  • services
  • responses

The documentation can be accessed here.

Spread the love

Simply knowing you used our interfaces will make us smile.
You used a macro? We are happy like it's our birthday.
Build the next big thing in Scheme!

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