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python bindings for the rbprm library
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Humanoid Path Planner - RBPRM-CORBA module

Copyright 2015 LAAS-CNRS

Author: Steve Tonneau

##Description hpp-rbprm-corba implements python bindings for hpp-rbprm, and presents a few example files. Please refer to this link for information on hpp-rbprm.

##Installation on ubuntu-14.04 64 bit with ros-indigo

To install hpp-rbprm-corba:

  1. Install HPP-RBPRM and its dependencies - see

  2. Install HPP-AFFORDANCE-CORBA along with its dependencies

  1. Use CMake to install the library. For instance:

       mkdir $HPP_RBPRM_CORBA_DIR/build
       cd $HPP_RBPRM_CORBA_DIR/build
       cd cmake ..	
       make install


Open $DEVEL_DIR/install/share/doc/hpp-rbprm-corba/doxygen-html/index.html in a web brower and you will have access to the code documentation. If you are using ipython, the documentation of the methods implemented is also directly available in a python console.


To see the planner in action, two examples from our IJRR submission with HyQ are available. Examples with HRP-2 are also provided, though they can only be executed if you have access to HRP-2 model.

  • First of all, retrieve and build the HyQ model from its github repository:

    $ rosrun xacro hyq_description/robots/hyq_model.urdf.xacro -o hyq.urdf

  • Make sure to install hyq.urdf in $HPP_DEVEL_DIR/install/share/hpp-rbprm-corba/

  • The planning is decomposed in two phases / scripts. First, a root path is computed (* files). Then, the contacts are generated along the computed path (* files). The scripts are located in the folder /scripts/demos.

  • To see the different steps of the process run

    $ ./

The script include comments explaining the different calls to the library. You can call the different methods a() ... d() to see the different steps of the planning.

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