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1. Description :

KSE is an acronym which doesn't stand for anything. Like Haägens Dasz for
The K stands for Kerious, this at least I'm sure of.
KSE produces xml files usable by video games.

Insert obligatory diagram here (asciiflow).

Use-cases :
* User wants to create an atlas.
* User wants to modify an atlas.
* User wants to create an animation.
* User wants to extract sounds from a sound file.
* User wants to specify sound resources.

2. Hacking :

For the while we have smurf-naming convention all over the place, like :
SmurfWindow contains SmurfWorkzone which has a method called Smurfsthg etc.
Don't mind this convention at all, replace if possible.

Really mandatory conventions:

* camelCase.
* Callbacks must be named _myNameCb.
* Private methods must be named _myName.
* Private methods and callbacks are located at the end of each classes, after
  the #Internal comment.
* All xml manipulations must be made when possible in the relevant Section
  classes, this to keep at least partial sanity.
* No god-objects or megamoths allowed.

Making design docs to implement a new feature is never frowned upon,
Example docs will be added.

3. TODO :

Implement saving.		Done
Implement exporting.		Done
Implement undo/redo.
Remove smurf-naming.

4. Useful links :
Ask for an invitation to or

Insert kerious engine link here.