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Those changes are not released yet.

  • In the functional API, invoke the wrapped function callback on abort and emit an abort event. This makes it possible to detect when abort is called.
  • Add a method on the function API, call.retryIf(predicate), which specifies a predicate used to determine whether a given error is retriable or not. The default behavior is unaffected, errors remain retriable by default.


  • Add support for specifying the factor to use in the ExponentialStrategy.


  • Replace FunctionCall.getResults by FunctionCall.getLastResult to avoid storing intermediary results forever as this may lead to memory exhaustion when used in conjunction with an infinite number of backoffs.
  • Add FunctionCall.getNumRetries which returns the number of times the wrapped function was retried.


  • Add four new methods to FunctionCall to query the state of the call.
    • isPending
    • isRunning
    • isCompleted
    • isAborted


  • To match Backoff default behavior, FunctionCall no longer sets a default failAfter of 5, i.e. the maximum number of backoffs is now unbounded by default.


  • Backoff.backoff now accepts an optional error argument that is re-emitted as the last argument of the backoff and fail events. This provides some context to the listeners as to why a given backoff operation was attempted.
  • The backoff event emitted by the FunctionCall class now contains, as its last argument, the error that caused the backoff operation to be attempted. This provides some context to the listeners as to why a given backoff operation was attempted.


  • renamed into FunctionCall.start.
  • no longer invokes the wrapped function on nextTick. That way, the first attempt is not delayed until the end of the current event loop.


  • Make FunctionCall.backoffFactory a private member.


  • Add and the associated FunctionCall class.


  • Add a Backoff.failAfter.


  • Rename start and done events backoff and ready.
  • Remove deprecated backoff.fibonnaci.


  • Create backoff.fibonacci.
  • Deprecate backoff.fibonnaci.
  • Expose fibonacci and exponential strategies.


  • Provide exponential and fibonacci backoffs.


  • Change initialTimeout and maxTimeout to initialDelay and maxDelay.
  • Use fibonnaci backoff.