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The MathsJam website

This repository contains the source files to generate the MathsJam website.

Changing something

  • You need a GitHub account to edit the site. If you don't have one, sign up first - it's free!
  • Find the file you want to edit, and click the Edit this file button (it's a little pencil icon in the top right). The files for individual Jams are in the cities folder. Alternatively, each page on the site has an "edit this page" link at the bottom; clicking this will take you to the corresponding GitHub page.
  • Make your changes, then describe what you've done in the text field at the bottom and click "Propose file change".
  • This will allow you to create a pull request, which one of the admins has to approve. They might request further changes or make their own edits. When the pull request is approved, the change will be published to the site.

Organisation of the repository

Information about each city is stored in a file in the cities folder.

Other pages are generated from .md files in the repository. The front page is generated from index.md.

To add a city

Create a file cities/cityname.md, following this template:

layout: city                                           
city_name: CityName
local_jam_type: MathsJam (for jams in the US this is "MathJam")
jam_name: CityName MathsJam
email: cityname@mathsjam.com
twitter: CityNameMathsJam
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/000000000000/
    name: Organiser's name
    email: cityname@mathsjam.com
    group: england/rest-of-uk/north-america/rest-of-world
    pub_name: "Ye Pub"
    description: " on X Street"
    url: http://www.yepub.website
    lon: 1.00000000 (get the lat and long from google maps)
    lat: 50.0000000
hiatus: False (change to True if the Jam is not currently running)
hiatus_months: (add this field if the Jam doesn't run for one or two months)
    - 2016-01
    - 2016-02
changed_dates: (add this field if the Jam is running on a different day one month - give the date the Jam will happen)
    - 2015-03-23
    - 2016-09-28
jam_date_rule: second-last Tuesday
december_jam_date_rule: third-last Tuesday
start_time: 7pm in the evening

All the data from this file will be used to create the page for the Jam, and all other references to the city throughout the site.

If your Jam doesn't meet on the second-last Tuesday of the month, you can add a line for 'jam_date_rule' and follow the convention of 'first/second/third/fourth(-last) Weekday', e.g. fourth Thursday, third-last Saturday. If you can't work out how to word it, do your best and we can fix it before merging.

Most Jams run on a different date in December to avoid Christmas, so there's a separate december_jam_date_rule line, with a default of 'third-last Tuesday'.

If you need to put your MathsJam on hiatus for a single month, this is also possible - add the 'hiatus_months' field, and then on successive lines add the months for which you won't be meeting, in the format YYYY-MM, as in the example above. This will automatically add a note to the site and remove it again afterwards. A similar procedure is available using the 'changed_dates' field for if your MathsJam is running on a different date for one particular month.

Responsible people