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title: Testimonials
<p>Some writeups of the conference:</p>
<p><a href="">MathsJam Conference 2015</a>, by Peter Rowlett for MSOR Connections</p>
<p><a href="">A Non-mathematician at the MathsJam Weekend, November 2014</a> by Rachael Wright</p>
<p>Here are some of the testimonials received after
the 2010 MathsJam. There were many, many more emails
that expressed similar sentiments.</p>
<p>Mathsjam 2010 was huge fun. The best part was the quickfire presentations,
which ranged widely - odd socks and unsolved knot problems, lemmings and
vampires, pulley balances and platonic reflections - and a touching tribute
to our missing friend, Martin Gardner. There wasn't a single talk where
I didn't learn something new. More please!</p>
<cite>Mike Frost</cite>
<p>People thought I was mad when I announced that I was going away to do
maths for the weekend - and pay for it! But the Maths Jam was the most
stimulating time I could have imagined. Some of the presentations
started out as problems I thought I knew all about, but then they took a
subtle turn into unknown territory changing an old friend into something
new and fascinating. I confess that some of the maths went way over my
head, but far fewer than I'd expected and anyway, that just gave me more
time to think about the ideas that interested me. Unfortunately I'm not
currently teaching in a school, but if I was I'd have gathered enough
good ideas to keep all my classes happily playing with maths for a long
time. Roll on 12th November!</p>
<cite>Lucy Sayce-Browne</cite>
MathsJam is the most fun conference I've been to. An enjoyable,
relaxed environment where friendly people share interesting puzzles
and mathematics. This isn't just for puzzle experts - all levels of
expertise are warmly welcomed. Short talks mean plenty of variety and
lots of breaks give plenty of time for playing with what you've seen
and getting to know people. I'll certainly be attending again this
<cite>Peter Rowlett, <a href=""></a> </cite>
MathsJam is a British version of the well known Gathering for Gardner
in the US. I've been to both and they are both terrific events,
bringing together like-minded souls in an informal setting for
thought-provoking discussions and exchanges of ideas. There was
such positive energy at the first MathsJam that I'm sure the event
will grow, and I'd say that it has already made itself the focal
point for recreational mathematics in the UK.</p>
<cite>Alex Bellos, Author of "Alex's Adventures in Numberland" </cite>
Fun, refreshing and entertaining, MathsJam 2010 for me was how a
conference should be. I enjoyed the short presentation format, chatting
with the wide-ranging mix of people, and seeing many new and interesting
things. A great opportunity to remind yourself why you like maths, or to
fall in love with it for the first time.</p>
<cite>Francis Hunt</cite>
MathsJam is an unforgettable experience. Rarely is such passion
together in a single room, with the sole aim of enjoying maths
for its own sake. I am gutted that I can't attend this year - but
try and stop me next year!</p>
<cite>Andrew Jeffrey</cite>
MathsJam: a weekend of fun maths, hard maths, origami, magic and lots
of very cool people.</p>
<cite>Michael Borcherds</cite>