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Matir's DEF CON 25 Badge

This is an unofficial badge I made for DEF CON 25. It's a blinding party-style badge with 48 individually addressable RGB LEDs. Off an adequate battery (a medium LiPo) you can run all lights at max brightness, but that is bright.

Finished Badge

This is intended as a one-time release for others to learn from and/or remix the firmware. I don't plan to take pull requests since it will be over and I'll be on to another project by the release. :)


The PCB was designed using Kicad. Source files are in the dc25badge/ directory.

PCB Rendering

Compiling Firmware

To build the firmware, you'll need 3 things: this git repository, the Atmel Software Framework (ASF), and an ARM compiler. On Debian & Ubuntu, you'll want to install the packages gcc-arm-none-eabi and binutils-arm-none-eabi. in the src/ directory will get you the latest build of the ASF (at least, it worked when this was prepared). Running make will build the firmware image.

To choose which patterns are available by pushing the mode button, edit the array in pattern.c.

Uploading Firmware

To upload a firmware image, you'll need to get into the bootloader. To do this, "double tap" the reset button, and the reset LED will stay solid green. (If it doesn't, you're not in the bootloader.)

You can then use bossa or just run make upload from the src/ directory to upload the current firmware build.

This is not an official Google product.