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Matrix Framework

A development framework for the Spigot/Bukkit API

Javadocs are located at:

This is a framework that includes, but not limited to, these features:

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  • Zip file backups
  • A Command handler and Tab completion
  • Easy collection of server data
  • NMS/Reflection utilities
  • Recognition of the difference between CraftBukkit and Spigot
  • File threads
  • User management
  • Easy MySQL/SQLite/Flatfile storage types
  • Reflection for books and anvil inventories
  • PlaceholderAPI usage in messages
  • An animation api
  • Item Builder
  • Easy BossBar, ActionBar, Titles creation
  • Custom fireworks
  • Item Slot messages
  • String, Array, Plugin, Player, Miscellaneous utilities
  • Name fetcher
  • Plugin Messaging

(More to come)

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