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Bot-friendly collection of everything there is to know about Matrix and its ecosystem. FAQs and more. Also suitable for human consumption.
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Project Moved

This project has been archived, and exists at now. Please update your links and your bookmarks accordingly.


FAQs and more. A bot-friendly collection of everything there is to know about Matrix and its ecosystem. Also suitable for human consumption.

What is this?

This is a community-supported collection of FAQs and more on all things Matrix. Its primary use is to serve as botfood for a yet-to-be-written FAQbot, but it is also suitable for human consumption. More is explained in the FAQ FAQ.


Alpha. (Rather bare-bones, sparse and ugly, but growing steadily. Oh, and licensing issues.)

Special features

  • Intended for both human consumption and automatic processing. [more]


Anyone can contribute to the project. Please send PRs, or open issues proposing useful answers or improvements to answers. Of course you are welcome to ask questions about the project itself, but note that merely opening an issue with a question for someone else to answer and add to the FAQ is Not Cool™.

Remember that a bot will output your answers into a room. Try to keep them as simple and concise as possible. If something needs a longer, more detailed explanation, use a short explanation and a link. Prefer linking to existing resources, but don't be afraid to author new content if necessary. Most projects on GitHub have a writable wiki, and will benefit from having their documentation nearby.

Please join to coordinate efforts.

Help/advice is needed with

  • Rendering
    • We also want a rendering for human consumption. It should be uncluttered and look good. See #9.
  • Licensing
    • Currently Unlicense (Public Domain)
    • Is everyone OK with their words being grabbed from a room and published here as if public domain?
    • Is there a better license?
  • Answering open questions
  • Improving the quality of existing answers
  • General feedback, improvements, etc


The Unlicense