Shaders ported from RetroArch to ReShade.
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Shaders ported from RetroArch to ReShade.

List of Shaders

  • 3DFX by leileilol
  • ArtifactColors by flyguy/HunterK.
  • CRT-Aperture by Easymode
  • CRT-Caligari by Caligari
  • CRT-cgwg by cgwg
  • CRT-Easymode by Easymode
  • CRT-Geom by cgwg, Themaister and DOLLS!
  • CRT-Hyllian by Hyllian
  • CRT-Lottes by Timothy Lottes
  • CRT-nes-mini by ???
  • EGA Filter by VileR (Ported from DOSBox)
  • GTUv50 by Aliaspider
  • Monitor Colors by ??? (No credits listed on the shaders, ported from DOSBox)
  • NTSC by Themaister (I think that's the one used in RetroArch)
  • NTSC by MAME Team
  • PAL-Singlepass (by svofski/HunterK.)
  • R57-PAL (By r57shell/feos/HardWareMan)
  • Scanlines Sine Absolute Value (by RiskyJumps)

Other Credits

  • Me: Porting a lot of those
  • luluco250: Porting Artifact Colors and PAL shaders (also figuring out the freaking matrices)
  • MartyMcFly: Tutoring, help.