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HearthStone Flashbacks

Relive the Scariest Experiences of Hearthstone


Hearthstone Flashbacks is an application dedicated to letting users relive the saltiest, most frustrating memories of their Hearthstone career. Whether they are being overwhelmed by Grim Patrons, or are busy not interacting with Miracle Rogue’s infinite Leeroys, or are being BM’ed with emote-spams, every user is guaranteed to have their day ruined whenever they open this app. When the user is finished being enraged by rude opponents and unwinnable games, they can take a break by creating and sharing their own custom Hero Portrait, searching for specific cards over the internet, or checking from where in the world their pain is coming! Here is quick feature overview:

  • Grim Patron Warrior Simulator - Spawn Patron. Concede once you’ve had enough!
  • Miracle Rogue Simulator
  • General Saltiness Simulator
  • Source of Pain Locator
  • Custom Hero Portrait
  • Card Search
  • A wireframe of the screens of the application can be viewed here.
  • The simulations and the card search can be viewed here

Usage Instructions

Use the script in SHELL.txt to download the files. Run them through XCode on a personal device or in a simulator. If an Alamofire framework is in red, it can be deleted. Additionally, make sure all dependecies and the main application share the same build target (9.1). There is no way to save these settings as XCode resets them on launch.

Highlight Features

The Grim Patron Simulator is the closest one can get to the real experience of losing to a Grim Patron Warrior in its heyday. Starting from the Home Page, press the Simulators button on the Hearthstone card. Then, tap the Grim Patron Flashback button. This activates the simulator. Whenever you tap the screen, a Grim Patron appears and shouts “Everyone! Get in here!”, all while Garrosh looms in the background, just watching. This continues until you hit Concede, at which point, Garrosh will congratulate you on a game well played. (Obviously he thinks it was a good game, the Patrons weren’t attacking him!)

The second simulation, the General Saltiness Simulator, is also accessible from the Simulators Page. This time, select the General Saltiness Simulator button. On the next screen, you can select which Hero you prefer to make you salty, and then press the “Unleash the Salt” button. This launches the Salty Simulator. While on this page, you can tap the Hero Portrait that you selected to hear one of that Hero’s emotes. This simulator also tells you how many times each Hero has been activated in the simulator.

The final simulation on the Simulators Screen is the Miracle Rogue Simulator. On this screen, like the Grim Patron Warrior Screen and the Saltiness Simulator, it can be accessed via the Valeera Portrait on the Simulators Screen. Once the Simulator launches, the user can tap once to have valeera summon Leeroy Jenkins. The user can tap a second time to have Leeroy run recklessly around the screen in true Leeroy fashion. A third tap will cause Valeera to cast Shadowstep on Leeroy and for Leeroy to disappear. Repeat until sufficiently salty, or press Concede to end the simulation.

On the Custom Hero Portrait Screen can take a picture with the device’s camera and set it inside of the empty frame on the page. The user can update the text underneath to hold up to 15 characters, and then the user can download the full Hero Portrait to their device’s camera roll via the “Download Portrait” button. The user can also share the photo via email by pressing the “Share Portrait” button. This page does not save the user’s portrait when you leave it, so there is an alert that warns the user of this fact when they try to navigate away from the page.

The Card Search Page can be accessed from the “Card Search” button on the Home Page. To search for a card, tap the Search bar and use the keyboard that pops up to type in a card name. Once you press Search in the bottom right corner, the keyboard will recede and information on the card will be displayed, including the card art and effect (if it has one), the artist, and the in-game flavor text. The user can tap the search bar again to start a new search.