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A multilingual PHP framework
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Forge v1.0

Forge has been in development since 2014 and has gone through a lot of changes. The goal of the project is to create a simple to use, object oriented MVC framework for developing multilingual sites in PHP. Many frameworks already exist, some support translated websites. But very few frameworks allow you to translate the URL as well as the page content. This is something Forge aims to solve.

This page is for the production ready release of Forge. For Beta testing and new features, please visit the Development branch of Forge.


Forge currently requires a MySQLi database connection to translate routes. This will be updated in the future to support other formats of route mapping.

See the wiki for a full installation guide.

Features and development

Many of Forge's incomplete features are being moved from the Production branch to the Development branch until they are deemed stable for production use. Please submit feature requests, bug reports etc. through Github's Issue tracking.

Thanks for visiting!

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