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firstKey Build Status

Returns the first key found on an object from a list of keys


    var obj = {
        word1: 'The',
        word2: 'quick',
        word5: 'jumped',
        word8: 'lazy'
    key = firstKey(obj, 'word3', 'word5', 'word7');  // First key found is 'word5'

Pull the first property from a dom node that exists and reuse that property

  • Choosing the text property to use

     var div = document.createElement('div'),
         text = firstKey(div, 'textContent', 'innerText', 'innerHTML');
     div[text] = 'Let\'s use the best property for setting the text';
  • Identifying the vendor-specific property to use, so that you don't set them all needlessly

     var divElement = document.createElement('div'),
     transformProperty = firstKey(,
     transformOriginProperty = firstKey(,


npm install firstkey


  • Matt-Esch

MIT Licenced