A DOM create and patch algorithm for vtree
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A DOM render and patch algorithm for vtree

Please note that this now lives under https://github.com/Matt-Esch/virtual-dom and all related issues shoud be opened there. This repository will eventually become a build artifact of virtual-dom for developers with an advanced usage pattern.


Given a vtree structure representing a DOM structure, we would like to either render the structure to a DOM node using vdom/create-element or we would like to update the DOM using the results of vtree/diff by patching the DOM with vdom/patch

This module is currently re-exporting the vdom from virtual-dom, but the aim is to eventually make this a standalone module and have virtual-dom depend on vdom instead.


var VNode = require("vtree/vnode")
var diff = require("vtree/diff")

var createElement = require("vdom/create-element")
var patch = require("vdom/patch")

var leftNode = new VNode("div")
var rightNode = new VNode("text")

// Render the left node to a DOM node
var rootNode = createElement(leftNode)

// Update the DOM with the results of a diff
var patches = diff(leftNode, rightNode)
patch(rootNode, patches)


npm install vdom


  • Matt Esch

MIT Licenced