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Related Modules

Virtual DOM Core


  • vdom - Virtual DOM diff and patch algorithm.
  • main-loop - Batch virtual DOM changes. Update the virtual tree at most once per request animation frame.
  • vdom-thunk - Memoise functions returning virtual DOM nodes.
  • html-patcher - Render HTML templates using virtual-dom
  • vdom-live - Automatically run virtual DOM rendering (with batching like main-loop) by detecting page user and AJAX events (via zone.js).


  • value-event - create event handlers that you can embed in a virtual DOM. These event handlers work with both the native DOM and dom-delegator.
  • dom-delegator - Embed event handlers on your virtual DOM elements without having to manage adding or removing actual event listeners.


  • html-to-vdom
  • virtual-html
  • vdom-virtualize Does not require a parser (uses browser's innerHTML). Best for browser conversion of HTML to VDOM.
  • htext-converter Convert any website's HTML to virtual hyperscript.
  • html2hyperscript Convert legacy HTML code to virtual hyperscript, preserving comments and whitespace
  • vdom-parser Lightweight html to vdom module, fully tested, designed for progressive enhancement
  • dom2hscript - Frontend library for parsing HTML into hyperscript using the browser's built in parser.




  • Zorium - A CoffeeScript Web Framework
  • cycle - An honestly reactive web application framework using virtual DOM and RxJS.
  • mach-react - Fast, and tiny react component implementation using virtual-dom. (Experimental)
  • mercury - Modular front-end framework using virtual DOM.
  • angular-virtual-dom - An experimental virtual DOM based view renderer for AngularJS
  • plastiq - A small and beautiful front-end framework with routing.
  • trifl - Views as function with routing and unidirectional data flow.
  • Dominator - ClojureScript FRP framework inspired by Elm.
  • Cape.JS - A lightweight JavaScript UI library based on virtual-dom.


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