A command line compression simplifier for linux
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Bundle is basically a simplifying  wrapper around a bunch of command line compression utilities.
99% of the time i don't need to do anything special with my uncompressing and was tired of 
looking up the CLI commands, so bundle/undle does compression/uncompression using sensible 
defaults and a minimal of command remembering


Compress the file test.txt to tar.gz
    bundle test.txt

Uncompress a .gz, tar.gz,.zip or .7z to the current directory
    undle archive_name

Compress the file test.txt to a zip
    bundle -t zip test.txt

Compress the file test.txt to a file called howdy.zip
    bundle -f howdy.zip -t zip test.txt


Make install file executable
    chmod +x install.sh

Run install.sh as root
    sudo ./install.sh

=Slightly Complicated=
Download the bundle.py file

Make it executable 
    chmod +x bundle.py

Move it to /usr/bin/
    sudo mv bundle.py /usr/bin/

Create two symbolic links in the /usr/bin directory
    sudo ln -i /usr/bin/bundle.py bundle
    sudo ln -i /usr/bin/bundle.py undle