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Quill is a tool for playing and tinkering with Ink stories.

It's not intended as a "serious" story authoring environment. Rather it is a sandbox for experimenting and trying out simple things with Ink. If you are curious about Ink this is a way to try it out online.

Trying Quill Online

You can try out Quill at

Building Quill

I recommend using the netcore-1.0 branch and not master if you want to build. Master is built on a pre-release version of .NET Core and it's a huge pain to build. Just don't.

Quill uses a full inklecate binary to build the .ink story files. You'll have to make sure that is found and accessed correctly. One of these days real soon now (i.e. maybe in the next 12 months) I'll update to .NET Core 2.2 or whatever is current. As part of this, I'll also update to the latest version of Ink. I believe Quill will be able to dump the binary at that time, which will remove a lot of clunkiness.

You'll need to revise the WebAppRoot setting in appsettings.json. "/" is a plausible value. This is a substitute for the '~' root operator that you get in ASP.NET on IIS, but don't get with nginx/Kestrel. There's probably a better way to handle this, drop me a note if you know what it is.


Quill is a tool for playing and sandbox testing Ink stories.



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