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A spiffy collection of nano syntax highlighting files

Most (ok, prettymuch all) of these have been stol*COUGH* politely included in this repository. Proper attribution follows at the end of it all... Unless otherwise specified, all files are under the unlicense

WTF do i need these stupid things for???

Well, if EMACS or vi are too much of a PITA for you to learn, and all the other text editors you've used are likewise annoying for some reason (yes i'm looking at you Kate & Gedit) then nano is probably your best option! (Or if you just like the simplicity of using an extremely lightweight console editor, which is one of the biggest reasons why I use it)

So HTF do i use these things???

One of the easiest ways is like this: git clone git:// ~/.nano then simply add the different *.nanorc files that you want to use to your ~/.nanorc file. for example, this is mine:

## my awesome ~/.nanorc file!!!

## spifftastic nano highlighting nano!!
include "~/.nano/nanorc.nanorc"

## Ruby
include "~/.nano/ruby.nanorc"

## C/C++
include "~/.nano/c.nanorc"

## Python
include "~/.nano/python.nanorc"

## Bourne shell scripts
include "~/.nano/bash.nanorc"

## CSS
include "~/.nano/css.nanorc"

include "~/.nano/html.nanorc"

## Markdown
include "~/.nano/markdown.nanorc"

There are other spiffy things you can do in your .nanorc file, see nanorc manpage online or your very own nanorc manpage for more details.

OOH!!! That's spiffy!!! Thanks for all your hard work in making all these files!!!

Umm, yeah, about that, I didn't make all of them, here is the list of who did what with whom:

Files from nanosyntax (New BSD license)

apache2.nanorc css.nanorc httpstatuscodes.nanorc nscd.nanorc rcfiles-new.nanorc
apacheconf.nanorc debian.nanorc info.nanorc others.nanorc rsync.nanorc
aptsrclist.nanorc default.nanorc ini.nanorc paludis.nanorc ruby.nanorc
asm.nanorc delphi.nanorc initng.nanorc passwd.nanorc shlike.nanorc
bash.nanorc desc.nanorc initscript.nanorc patch.nanorc sh.nanorc
c-file.nanorc dotemacs.nanorc java.nanorc perl.nanorc softcam.nanorc
changelog.nanorc dummy.nanorc js.nanorc php2.nanorc sources_list.nanorc
changelogs.nanorc ebuild.nanorc log-stuff.nanorc php.nanorc tab.nanorc
clike.nanorc ekghistory.nanorc maincf.nanorc plaudis.nanorc tcl.nanorc
c.nanorc etcportage.nanorc makefile.nanorc po.nanorc tex.nanorc
config2.nanorc etc-stuff.nanorc man.nanorc postgresql.nanorc urls.nanorc
config3.nanorc etcxml.nanorc mcchangelog.nanorc pov.nanorc vhost.nanorc
configfiles.nanorc gentoo.nanorc mimetype.nanorc privoxy.nanorc xdefaults.nanorc
config.nanorc groff.nanorc mutt.nanorc profile.nanorc xml.nanorc
conf.nanorc havp.nanorc named.nanorc python.nanorc xorg.nanorc
conky.nanorc html.nanorc nanorc.nanorc rcfiles.nanorc

Files from scopatz / nanorc ('do whatever you want' licence)

his repo has since changed, see LICENSE for the new license these fall under

apacheconf.nanorc css.nanorc groff.nanorc man.nanorc patch.nanorc python.nanorc
asm.nanorc cython.nanorc html.nanorc markdown.nanorc perl.nanorc tex.nanorc
fortran.nanorc java.nanorc mutt.nanorc php.nanorc reST.nanorc xml.nanorc
gentoo.nanorc lua.nanorc nanorc.nanorc pov.nanorc ruby.nanorc sh.nanorc
c.nanorc conf.nanorc

Files found 'round the net (see the file for more info)

markdown.nanorc txt2tags.nanorc

This is the end

That's it, have fun & dont hurt yourself!!


a spiffy collection of nano syntax highlighting files







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