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A tool to browse and modify Alien: Isolation's various PAK archives.
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Alien: Isolation PAK Tool

A tool to browse and modify Alien: Isolation's various PAK archives.

The latest stable version can be downloaded by clicking here.

On launch, the toolkit will automatically alert you if a new version is available.

This PAK Tool is available within the Alien: Isolation Mod Tools as of V0.6.3.0! Future updates will be ported, as development continues on this repo for the extended standalone version.

Currently supported

Coming soon

While development may be slow, intended functionality for upcoming versions includes:

  • Expanded shader support for importing and understanding of Cathode headers.
  • Ability to view all materials in a level for editing material mappings.
  • A tool to let you view material data (textures/colours/etc).
  • Export options for models (potential import support too, will see).
  • Ability to export/import scripts (lots of work still to do).
  • Preview images in archives when selecting them.

Recommended tools

  • JPEXS Flash Decompiler is recommended for editing exported UI .GFX files.
  • Pico Pixel is recommended for viewing exported texture .DDS files.
  • DirectXTex compiled binary is recommended for converting to/from .DDS formats.
  • io_scene_aliens Blender plugin is recommended for viewing exported models.

Final mentions

  • The DDS header compiler used to export textures was created by Cra0kalo and Volfin.
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