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OpenCAGE - Alien: Isolation Mod Tools

OpenCAGE is an open source modding toolkit for Alien: Isolation which allows access to a large range of game configurations and content through a simple user friendly interface.

The toolkit is broken down into four main sections: configurations, scripting, behaviour trees, and content.

Configuration editors support:

  • Difficulty Settings - difficulty specific modifiers for character senses and alien configurations.
  • Alien Behaviour Parameters - search radius, vent roam ranges, search time, and director AI settings.
  • NPC & Player Attributes - hostility, attack groups, peek speeds, max health, health regeneration, and more.
  • Locomotion - steering speeds such as cornering weight, acceleration, warping, and more.
  • AI Vision - viewcone parameters, letting you change the view distance and field of view for a character.
  • AI Senses - flamethrower sense, movement sense, flashlight sense, visual sense, touch sense, and more for NPCs.
  • Items and Inventory - maximum items able to be carried, base ammo count, weapon names, and more.
  • Weapon Ammo - fuel consumption, physics impact effects, damage per character type, and accuracy.
  • Movie Playlists - map/sequence specific loadscreen and cutscene movie playlists.
  • Blueprint Recipes - blueprint required item types and amounts as well as number of items produced.
  • Hack Tool Difficulties - hacking speed, pickup range, ease to complete the hacking minigame.
  • Environment Lighting - environment radiosity, deferred lighting, skin shading, and hair shading settings.
  • Graphics Settings - custom FOV, resolutions, LOD, and shadow settings - plus ability to enable hidden options.
  • In-Game Text - edit any text including Sevastolink logs, mission names, subtitles, and more.
  • Material Properties - material-specific settings such as impact effects, physics, and more. [COMING SOON]
  • Mod Packaging - package any modifications into a mod package able to be shared & installed by others.
  • Reset Functionality - ability to reset specific changes back to default.

Scripting editors support:

  • Particles and VFX - particles and other FX can be created, edited, and instanced.
  • Trigger Volumes - 3D trigger volumes can be placed and resized to trigger custom events.
  • Objectives - objectives can be set and cleared through custom triggers.
  • Scripted Sequences - ability to play animations and create scripted sequences.
  • AI Control - full control over the AI systems to change behaviours/responses.
  • Mathematic Logic - support for mathematic logic such as addition of integers, floats, and vectors.
  • Collision Volumes - dynamic 3D collision volumes can be edited.
  • Sevastolink Terminals - functionality to populate Sevastolink terminals with content.
  • Character Spawning - ability to spawn existing and new custom characters.
  • and more... the only limit is your imagination!

Behaviour tree editors support:

  • AI Behaviour Trees - full access to view and edit all behaviour trees in the game through a flowchart UI.
  • Reset Functionality - ability to reset behaviour trees back to default and undo changes.

Content editors support:

  • In-Game UI - ability to import/export the game's GFX UI files which can be edited with a Flash decompiler.
  • Textures - ability to import/export textures, some formats still in testing (please report issues!).
  • Sounds - functionality to edit sounds is coming soon, however you can already extract sounds using this tool.
  • Models - support for importing and exporting models. [COMING SOON]

Check out the "coming soon" section below to learn more about upcoming features.

Setting up OpenCAGE

Assuming you already have Alien: Isolation installed...

  1. Download OpenCAGE by clicking here.
  2. Copy to your Alien: Isolation directory.
  3. Open!

The tools will automatically set themselves up on first launch, and any future updates will be automatically downloaded and applied if you are connected to the internet.

Getting help

The wiki is currently being put together to explain a number of functions within the toolkit, however most are pretty simple to understand through tooltips and added descriptions.

If there is a section missing from the wiki currently that you'd like to see added, feel free to open an issue on GitHub and it will be prioritised.

As this is a live project and something I'm developing in my free time, certain things may be unfinished or temperamental. Any in-development sections of the tools will always be labelled as such!

Additional recommended tools

When you've exported content from the game with OpenCAGE, there are a number of other tools available that are best suited to deal with the content's formats. A few are listed below...

  • JPEXS Flash Decompiler is recommended for editing exported UI .GFX files.
  • Pico Pixel is recommended for viewing exported texture .DDS files.
  • DirectXTex compiled binary is recommended for converting to/from .DDS formats.

Coming soon

Eventually I'd like to have OpenCAGE support custom maps, however to unlock this I first need to finalise the 3D editor. I'm also working on improving the scripting interface to utilise a nodegraph UI similar to Blueprint in UE4.

Work is being done towards these things on various submoduled repos from the OpenCAGE organisation. You can also opt in to recieve updates from the staging branch of OpenCAGE in the application's settings to get work-in-progress updates that are not suitable for the stable master branch!

This is an ongoing project, supported financially by the community. I don't expect donations, but if you'd like to contribute you can do so via GitHub Sponsors! Similarly, this project is fully open source, and any contributions are welcome!

Final mentions

OpenCAGE includes code from the following 3rd party sources:

This code is used either with permission, or under license.

Additionally I'd like to thank Daniel Maciel, Ryan Gray, and Jeff for their help in expanding and testing the toolkit.

OpenCAGE is in no way related to (or endorsed by) Creative Assembly or SEGA.