@MattFryer MattFryer released this Feb 13, 2018 · 117 commits to master since this release

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This is a major new release, adding lots of changes, new features and bug fixes.


  • Added Qlik Sense connection string support
  • Added the missing keywords DERIVE and FLUSHLOG
  • Added support for DIRECT QUERY statements
  • Fixed issue with REM comments not supporting whitespace before them
  • Fixed issue with clicking cancel on shortcode prompts results in shortcode still being entered
  • Fixed issue with variable declarations containing a full stop (AKA period) not highlighting correctly
  • Fixed issue with backslash incorrectly operating as an escape character in strings
  • Other minor highlighting improvements
  • Significant speed improvements
  • Added custom vector font to allow insertion of some Qlik icons
  • Added the LUIicons vector font from LeonardoUI to allow insertion of all Qlik Sense UI icons
  • Added optional extra line numbers to code block (should be used with caution as can prevent correct highlighting of code than spans multiple lines eg. /* */ block comments)
  • Changes specific to Qlik for Wordpress Plugin:
    • Changed [qlikview] shortcode to [qlik-code] to better represent Qlik Sense support. The old shortcode is still supported for backwards compatibility
    • Button "Qlik Code" added to text editor to insert shortcode
    • Visual editor button updated
    • Corrected issue with plugin clashing with some other shortcodes resulting in incorrect display. Some Google Maps plugins were amongst those affected.
    • Rewritten core code to prevent code being loaded on all pages of a site irrespective of whether or not the shortcode is present
    • Added admin settings page allowing turning on/off features and detailing icon codes
    • Ability to load CSS and JS files from the a CDN instead of the local webserver
    • Added new shortcode [qlik-icon] to allow insertion of new vector font icons.