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Source code written by Bob Baffy in 1998.

I (Matt) have obtained the source from a link posted by Bob on Quora, and have stuck it on here to keep it available for the community.

Indeed, back in 1998 I created GBCameraDump using Borland's C++ Builder. I had found basic information on the format of the .sav files through Jeff Frohwein's Dev'rs site (Jeff Frohwein's Software/Hardware Dev'rs) and did some more sleuthing on my own to figure out the locations of the game face images and some other minor things.

I'm afraid it's not being maintained, but the good news is that I found the source code a while back. The bad news is that my younger more foolish self did not comment any of the code. Not that it's impossible to puzzle out on your own. You need to know how the Game Boy stores title data, but other than that it's just offsets for the image data.

Here's the source; the interesting bits are in GBCameraPic/GBCameraPic.cpp:

Edit: I should add -- please feel free to mirror, modify or do whatever you please with this source code. Consider it in the public domain.


Game Boy Camera save file image extractor



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