Illustrates a method of displaying Bootstrap Alert messages in ASP.NET Core applications.
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Heroic Bootstrap Alerts Sample

This sample shows one technique of combining Bootstrap Alerts with ASP.NET Core. You can read more about the technique at try-catch-FAIL.


You can show an alert off a view result like so:

public IActionResult About()
    ViewData["Message"] = "Your application description page.";

    return View().WithSuccess("It worked!", "You were able to view the about page, congrats!");

You can also show an alert off a redirect result:

public IActionResult GoHome()
    return RedirectToAction("Index").WithWarning("You were redirected!", "The action you hit has bounced you back to Index!");

API results are supported, too:

public IActionResult Success()
    return Ok(DateTime.UtcNow.ToString()).WithSuccess("Success!", "The API call worked!");