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A Python, PyGame simulation of Dijkstra and A*, running at the same time.
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A Python, PyGame simulation of Dijkstra and A*, running at the same time.

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Dijkstra and A* at the same time

I decided to refresh my memory on how Dijkstra and A* operate, ready for my final exam on them, I would write a Python script that runs both of them at the same time for a visual comparison.

Demonstration of the script, running on a 50x50 grid with a 0.25 chance of walls. Magenta is the A* path, cyan is the Dijkstra path.


This started as just a PyGame simulation of A*, but then I decided to allow the heuristic to be forced to zero, which simulates Dijkstra's algorithm. With that change made I could then abstract the main grid to its own class and allow multiple searches to be run and rendered at the same time, resulting in the current code.


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