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Discord Status - A reddit bot that will post Discord status updates
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Discord Status

A reddit bot that will post Discord status updates. r/discordstatus Slack

Discord Status Reddit Bot

Discord Status is a simple reddit bot that tracks status updates from the Discord status page, posting them to a Reddit mega-thread for each incident. Also has moderator commands to add moderator notes to each mega-thread if needed.


Contributions are always welcome to this project!
Take a look at any existing issues on this repository for starting places to help contribute towards, or simply create your own new contribution to the project.

Please make sure to follow the existing standards within the project such as code styles, naming conventions and commenting/documentation.

When you are ready, simply create a pull request for your contribution and I will review it whenever I can!

Need to chat about the project and how you can get involved?
Join the Slack workspace to find the appropriate channel, talk to other contributors and myself:

Discussion, Support and Issues

Need support with this project or have found an issue?

Please check the project's issues page first!

Not found what you need?

  • Create a GitHub issue here to report the situation, as much detail as you can!
  • or, You can join our Slack workspace to discuss the issue or to get support for the project:
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