Back-end API for Chronomeal app
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Chronomeal API

This is the back-end API for the Chronomeal app. Chronomeal allows people with chronic pain to record their meals and pain levels, so they or their doctor can look for trends over time.


  1. git clone
  2. cd chronomeal-api
  3. npm install
  4. tsc
  5. npm start (or npm run dev)

Authorization flow

  1. When user is created or logs in with username and password, token is generated and returned
  2. Future requests supply token in header: "Authorization: Bearer {token}"


Get all data for one user

GET /api/users/me

User Login

POST /api/login
Required body fields:

  • email (string)
  • password (string)

Create a new user

POST /api/users
Required body fields:

  • email (string)
  • password (string)
  • firstName (string)
  • lastName (string)

Add a meal to a user

POST /api/users/me/add-meal
Required body fields:

  • time (string)
  • food (string)
  • notes (string, even if empty)
  • pain (number)

Delete a meal

DELETE /api/users/me/meals
Required body fields:

  • mealId (string, the _id field in the chosen meal)