Statistics tracking for board gamers
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WinRate is a responsive, full-stack app that lets users journal their board-gaming sessions and view statistics about their gaming history.

Getting Started

This repo contains the front-end (React) part of the WinRate app. The back-end (Node, MongoDB) is located here.


  1. git clone
  2. cd winrate-client
  3. npm install


npm start

The app should launch automatically and be live at localhost:3000.


npm test


Board games are a great hobby for spending time with friends and family. However, after a session is over, there's no record of who played or who won - that data is simply lost. WinRate allows users to log their board gaming sessions, including the game played, the names of the players, and the winner.

Design and Development

As this was my first full-stack React app, I documented each step of the process.

Initial Design

I began by making an inventory of screens that the user would encounter in this first, "MVP" iteration of the app.

  • Landing page
  • Navbar
  • Account signup page
  • Login page
  • User's dashboard
  • User's session history
  • Add session page

Next, for each screen, I coded a basic mobile-first HTML wireframe and identified user flows to determine how the user would interact with elements of each screen and the expected resultant behavior.

React Client

The next step was to translate the wireframes into a static React app to get feedback and make any necessary changes to the structure of the app. Using Facebook's guidelines for thinking in React, I identified parts of the app that should be broken into their own components.

Feedback and Iteration

Once I had a working, interactive version of the app, I was able to collect some feedback from users. I asked two friends to give it a try, and restructured some parts to make it easier to understand.

Developing the API

I developed the back-end API for WinRate using NodeJS with ExpressJS and MongoDB. I wrote endpoints and tests for authenticating users using tokens, creating users, logging in, adding sessions, and deleting sessions.

Completing the Client

Finally, I connected the API to the React client, using Redux for state management, and implemented a fully functional version of the app. I wrote tests for each component, action, and the Redux reducer, and ensured the app was responsive on both mobile and desktop.

Roadmap for v2

  • Improve WinRate calculation! Currently does not account for the number of players in a game
  • Additional user features such as deleting account, forgot password functionality
  • More statistics: Which games haven't you played in a while? WinRates per game, instead of overall
  • Linking with a third-party API, such as BoardGameGeek