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Learn CouchDB

Learn how to use CouchDB.


These notes have been created while I am learning CouchDB. They will probably change as I learn more. This is not a tutorial by a CouchDB expert.

You have been warned!

Why read this?

I had trouble understanding many of the workflows in CouchDB. Most documentation I found seemed to make assumptions of prior knowledge that prevented me from using what I was learning.

This is my attempt at fixing the pain points I had.


Ideally you should be able to jump to any of the sections below.

If you are just starting out, then you probably want to read through each in order.

Why CouchDB

How I overcame my initial hesitation to CouchDB.

Sending HTTP requests

Tools to help you work with CouchDB.


How you can use the bundled Futon app to simplify some tasks.

Design documents

Map functions

Reduce functions

Controlling actions on databases

Prevent users from reading or changing documents.