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My Vim configuration

This repository contains my Vim configuration, used on both Lubuntu and Windows.



ln -s ~/Documents/my_vim_config ~/.vim
ln -s ~/Documents/my_vim_config/vimrc ~/.vimrc


cd C:\Users\my_name
mklink /D vimfiles C:\Users\my_name\Documents\GitHub\my_vim_config
mklink _vimrc C:\Users\my_name\Documents\GitHub\my_vim_config\vimrc


Each of these are saved as submodules in the bundle folder.

All plugins are loaded with Pathogen.

Language support

Colour scheme

Old plugins

Used Airline for a while, but could never get the patched fonts to work. Removed when I realised I did not check it enough to justify having it. Ctrl + G works fine.

Replaced Ctrlp with Unite.

Managing plugins

Update plugins

Update all submodules with:

git submodule foreach git pull origin master

Then git add bundle/*, git commit and git push. GitHub for Windows does not currently like doing this.

On other machines update submodules after pulling changes:

git submodule update

Remove plugin

From: How do I remove a Git submodule?

git submodule deinit bundle/my_submodule
git rm bundle/my_submodule
git commit -m "Remove my_submodule"
rm -rf .git/modules/bundle/my_submodule



Place plugins in ~/.vim/plugin/ or $HOME/vimfiles/plugin.

File type plugins are in ~/.vim/plugin/ftplugin. name can be anything.

  • ftplugin/.vim

  • ftplugin/_.vim

  • ftplugin//.vim