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Shell help

Shelp was created to help out the various man and --help pages missing decent examples.

The aim is examples of common shell tasks with details on when and why you would use them.

View online or install

You can view these pages on GitHub or install the package from NPM for console access:

npm install -g shelp

It needs to be installed globally to provide the shelp command:

shelp npm ls


  • All content is in basic Markdown. 72 columns is preferred, where possible.

  • Content is sent to stdout so it can be piped to less or other display tools.

  • Each example should only have 1 paragraph before and/or after it. This is not a fixed rule, but encourages simple explanations.

  • Links to related documentation are kept at the end of each document.

  • All that said, any help is better than no help. It can always be cleaned up later.