Displays a single line textarea for entering comments, users can press "enter/return", and comments are loaded and submitted via AJAX. Works with multiple comment forms on the same page.
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=== Inline Ajax Comments ===
Contributors: ZaneMatthew, Matthew McFarland
Donate link: http://zanematthew.com/
Tags: comments, ajax, inline
Requires at least: 3.6
Tested up to: 3.6
Stable tag: trunk
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

Displays a single line textarea for entering comments, users can press "enter/return", and comments are loaded and submitted via AJAX.

== Description ==

This plugin places a comment form similar to Facebook, only displaying a single line textarea, which submits when the user presses "enter/return" on their keyboard.

= Features =
* Single line textarea
* Auto expanding textarea
* AJAX submitted comments
* AJAX loaded comments
* Admin settings for additional styling

== Installation ==

1. Install the plugin via WordPress or download and upload the plugin to the `/wp-content/plugins/`
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= The Register link is not working? =
Make sure that "Anyone can register" is checked in "Settings --> General"

= Where is the "url", "email" field? =
Users can add their "url" or "email" by clicking the "more" link next to the textarea.

= Doesn't this prevent search engines from seeing comments? =
At the moment it does, [Google Ajax Crawling](https://developers.google.com/webmasters/ajax-crawling/docs/getting-started) will be added in a later version.

= Does this work with Custom Post Types? =

= Does this work on Pages? =

= Can this be used on pages with multiple comment listings? =

= Does this support paging? =
At the moment no, later versions might.

== Screenshots ==

1. As seen when user is logged in
2. Admin settings
3. As seen when user is not logged in

== Upgrade Notice ==

* Check settings

== Changelog ==

= 1.2.5m =
* Fix: Works when ajax loaded (by infinite scroll)
* Enhance: use sliding effect on more/less


Whatever infinite scroll function you are using, you must make sure that you add ajaxLoadedCallback() to its callback.  If you are not sure how to do this please contact us.

= =
* Fix: unique target id's added
* Fix: ajax loading multiple comment lists
* Fix: ajax submit multiple comment lists
* Fix: more/less buttons work on multiple comment lists
* Enhanced: swapped more/less buttons with graphics
* Tweak: More/Less stays on the same line as the input box at smallest browser widths for responsiveness

TODO: implement multi-listing wp_nonce functionality.

= =
* Fix: Allow for use ANYWHERE 

= =
* Fix: Changed "user_nicename" (deprecated) to "display_name"

= 1.2.4m =
* Tweak: Changed min-height from 17 to 32

= 1.2.2 =
* Tweak: Improved reliability in css classes by user role

= 1.2.1 =
* Enhancement: Comment area now toggles from 1 line to multi-line
* Enhancement: The following `html` tags are now allowed `<a href="" title="">`, `<blockquote>`, `<code>`, `<em>`, `<strong>`
* Enhancement: Added additional styling for post authors
* Enhancement: User name links to their website
* Enhancement: You can now share direct links to comments
* Enhancement: Added setting to keep comment box open

= 1.2 =
* Comments now work on Pages (not just posts)
* Adding a setting to keep the 'more' section open

= 1.1 =
* Removing dynamic functions for older PHP support
* Removing dead code

= 0.1-alpha =
* Initial version